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Waist wheel flowmeter

LL series waist wheel flowmeter is a volumetric flow measuring instrument, the measuring part is mad…

I. Product Overview:

LL series waist wheel flowmeter is a volumetric flow measuring instrument, the measuring part is made of stainless steel material, with strong anticorrosion performance, can be used for water bearing corrosive crude oil or other corrosive media flow measurement. The flowmeter can display the accumulated flow on site and is equipped with a remote transmission interface. It can also be equipped with photoelectric converter to output electric pulse signal or analog signal. It can be matched with the flow integrator for remote measurement, display and control.

The structure features are as follows: there is a metering chamber in the casing of the flowmeter, and a pair or two pairs of waist wheels can rotate tangentially in the metering chamber. A pair of transmission gears are installed coaxially with two search wheels outside the flowmeter housing, which meshes with each other so that the two waist wheels can interact with each other.

Can accumulate flow on site, and equipped with remote transmission interface, can be equipped with photoelectric converter output pulse signal or analog signal, and flow integrator matching, remote measurement display and control.

LL series waist wheel flowmeter is mainly composed of three parts: measuring chamber, sealed coupling and counter. It can indicate the accumulative flow and instantaneous flow on the spot, and can realize remote measurement and control with transmitter and intelligent flow control instrument. Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, transportation, food processing, medicine, national defense, commercial trade and other departments of petroleum and petroleum products, chemical solutions and other fluids accurate measurement.

Ii. Working principle:

LL series waist wheel flowmeter is when the measured liquid flows through the measuring chamber, the pressure difference is formed at the inlet and outlet of the flowmeter, and the waist wheel rotates under the impetus of the pressure difference. At the same time, the two waist wheels are continuously rotated by a pair of drive gears fixed on the waist wheel shaft. As the waist wheel rotates, the liquid is discharged from the flowmeter continuously through the measuring chamber. The amount of liquid flowing through each pair is four times the volume of the measuring chamber. Through the sealed coupling and reduction mechanism, the number of rotation will be decelerated and transferred to the counter, which indicates the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow of liquid. A waist wheel with a transmitter is installed in the counter mechanism. Matching with display instrument or microcomputer system, it can realize remote (quantitative, cumulative, instantaneous and other functions) automatic measurement and control. The instructions for use are also shown in the instruction manual of instrument classification.

Three, the application of measurement:

LL type, can be used for pure crude oil, heavy oil and other high viscosity liquid flow measurement;

Ll-d anti-sand type can be used to measure the flow of high viscosity fluid such as sandy crude oil and heavy oil.

Ll-f stainless steel flowmeter and medium contact part of the stainless steel material processing and manufacturing, with strong anti-corrosion performance, can be used for corrosive liquid flow measurement, especially suitable for the chemical industry;

LY-C light oil type is especially suitable for light oil, diesel oil and other low viscosity fluid flow measurement.

Iv. Main Features:

1, the measurement accuracy is high, the basic error can be up to plus or minus 0.2% to plus or minus 0.5%, special requirements can be up to plus or minus 0.1%, the characteristics of the flow meter is generally not affected by the flow state, also not limited by the size of Reynolds number.

2, can be used for high viscosity liquid flow measurement

3, the measurement range is wide, the typical flow range is 5:1 to 10:1

4, word wheel counter cumulative fluid total, without external energy, the use of instant noodle counter cumulative flow double display, one of which can be double zero, convenient for users in the case of discontinuous measurement use.

5, no contact between measuring parts, no wear, long service life.

6. Large diameter flowmeter adopts rotor form to reduce noise and vibration of flowmeter.

Five, technical parameters:

1, allowed basic error: ±0.1%, ±0.2%, ±0.5%;

2, nominal diameter DN (mm) : 15 ~ 300;

3, nominal pressure PN (M.PA) : cast iron (A), stainless steel (P) 1.0, 1.6, 2.5, 4.0, 6.3; Cast steel (E) 2.5, 4.0, 6.3, 9.6;

4. Temperature of the liquid to be measured:

A. Low temperature type: -40 ~ +60℃;

B. Normal temperature -10℃ ~ +80℃;

C. Medium temperature -10℃ ~ +200℃;

D. High temperature -10℃ ~ +300℃;

5, the measured liquid viscosity (MPA.s) : 0.3 ~ 50000;

6, pipe connection: GB/T9118-2000 (Chinese standard flange); NIST (American standard flange); BSPT (British standard pipe thread) : NPT (American push-pull pipe thread);

7, field display: 99999,999L (total flow) 9999,999.9L (single flow); 9999, 999.9L (instantaneous flow);

8, output signal: pulse signal, 4 ~ 20mA, 1-5V, 4 ~ 20mA +HART protocol, MODBUS support RS232, RS485 communication (optional);

9, explosion-proof grade: EXiaIIBT5EXiaIICT5 protection grade: IP65.

Six, installation and use:

1, the flow meter should be installed in front of the filter, both table body arrow pointing to the flow direction consistent.

2. When the measured liquid contains gas, a gas separator should be installed before the flowmeter.

3, no matter the pipeline is vertical or horizontal installation, but the waist wheel shaft of the flowmeter is installed in a horizontal position (that is, the dial should be vertical with the ground).

4, flowmeter in the correct installation, if it is not easy to see the reading, the counter can be rotated 180 degrees or 90 degrees.

5, throttle valve should be installed at the inlet of the flow meter, open and close valve installed at the outlet, the use of open and close valve to slow start, do not suddenly open the valve.

6. It is strictly forbidden to use sweep steam through the flowmeter.

7, in the continuous use of the department, the flow meter needs to add bypass pipeline.

8. Before the installation of the flowmeter, the pipeline should be flushed. When flushing, the straight pipe section (replacing the position of the flowmeter) should be used to prevent welding slag and sundries from entering the flowmeter.

9. It is strictly forbidden to verify the flowmeter composed of cast iron and cast steel with water.

10. The flow rate of the flowmeter shall not exceed the technical requirements when in use. Flowmeter normal operation in the maximum flow rate of 70~80% is optimal.

11. If the measured liquid has chemical corrosion, the flowmeter of stainless steel should be selected. If the corrosion is strong, the flowmeter of 0Crl8Ni12MO2Ti material should be selected.

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