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18 2022-07
Anhui Tiankang Group held the 2022 sales promotion meeting

In order to review and sort out the work of the half year, to achieve the annual target, scientific…[More]

12 2022-02
Correct selection of wear-resistant thermocouple in cement metallurgy industry

In view of the temperature measurement characteristics of the three-stage cylinder, four-stage cyli…[More]

12 2022-02
Advantages and applications of wire and cable flexibility

According to the model, it can be roughly divided into the following categories: Flexible control ca……[More]

12 2022-02
Application method of electric contact pressure gauge

Electric contact pressure gauges are widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power,……[More]

12 2022-02
Main composition and structure of pressure gauge

When the pressure gauge is used, it mainly releases the internal pressure to the outside through a h……[More]

12 2022-02
Structure and working principle of electric float level gauge

Electric buoy level gauge is a level measuring instrument designed according to Archimedes law and m……[More]

12 2022-02
Control method of anti oxidation of cable copper conductor

The atomic number of metallic copper is 29, the density is 8.92g/cm3, and the melting point is 1083.……[More]

12 2022-02
Advantages and disadvantages of orifice flowmeter

Nowadays, orifice flowmeter is used in many places in the industrial field. The use effect of orific……[More]

12 2022-02
Types and application of wear-resistant thermocouple protection tubes

The wear-resistant thermocouple adopts heat-resistant material and wear-resistant alloy material of ……[More]

12 2022-02
Problems of bimetallic thermometer in use

Bimetallic thermometer takes the hot bimetallic sheet wound into a thread shape as the temperature s……[More]

12 2022-02
Maintenance and use of magnetic flap level gauge

Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is widely used for liquid level measurement and control in the prod……[More]

12 2022-02
Several problems needing attention when installing fire-resistant cables

The fire-resistant cable can still maintain the normal operation of the line for a period of time un……[More]

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