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Anhui Tiankang Group held the 2022 sales promotion meeting

In order to review and sort out the work of the half year, to achieve the annual target, scientific analysis of the market situation, improve the ability to control the market, and promote better, faster and high-quality development of the Group. On the morning of July 16th, Anhui Tiankang Group held the group's 2022 sales promotion meeting in the multi-functional conference hall of Tiankang Nursing Center.  Wang Ju and Xu Chengye, vice general managers of the group, Li Jinsong,chairman of the Board of Supervisors of the Group, as well as the vice general managers of sales, sales managers and main leaders of all departments attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Vice General manager Wang Ju.

Zhao Kuan, chairman of the Group, pointed out at the meeting that in the first half of 2022, under the joint efforts of the majority of sales managers and all staff, the group's overall situation is better, and the target task of "double half" is better completed. In the second half of the year, in the face of the complex market situation, the group should focus on strengthening internal and external risk prevention and control to ensure the safety of enterprise funds. To increase the collection of goods in transit, standardize the market operation; At the same time, the majority of sales managers are required to cherish the group platform, be grateful and willing to contribute. Continuously strengthen learning, dare to innovate and help the group innovation, can effectively bring useful and conducive to the development of new technologies, new products, new projects, new ideas, new models to the group, jointly promote the high-quality development of the Group.

Mao Wenzhang, general manager of the group, emphasized at the meeting that half a year is the key point to complete the tasks of the whole year, the calculation point of various work goals, and the checkpoint of development ideas and measures. This promotion meeting aims to leverage the strength of the Group and the strength of sales, with more solid and effective plans and measures, to seize the market, stabilize projects, clear arrears, and promote repatriation, so as to ensure the stability of the Group's work in the second half of the year. Orderly operation to ensure the smooth realization of the group's annual goals. In response to the current market situation and the group's sales work, Mr. Mao emphasized three things: first, to be aware of the situation and analyze the marketing "barriers" in a timely and accurate manner; second, to buck the trend and do everything possible to break the marketing "Bottleneck"; the third is to do it together and take multiple measures to stimulate the "vigor" of marketing. In the group's new journey towards high-quality development, everyone must cultivate the sense of responsibility, overall concept and ability of "sitting and thinking well, standing and being able to carry, and acting effectively", keep an eye on the task goals, and shoulder the responsibility take responsibility. Know the situation, go against the trend, move with the trend, and strive to deliver a better answer sheet on the new road to the exam.

Wang Ju, vice general manager of the group, made a summary and explanation on the sales work and sales performance of the group in the first half of the year, and made specific arrangements for the sales work in the second half of the year.

Huang Guocheng, head of the sales department of the group, reported on the completion of the sales target in the first half of this year, the collection of money, the completion of the delivery, the rate of winning bids and other situations at the meeting, and read out the "Proposal on encouraging young and middle-aged sales backbone to participate in scientific research and innovation".

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