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Anhui Tiankang Group held 2023 work conference on safety production

On the morning of March 13th, Anhui Tiankang Group organized and held the 2023 Work conference on safety production in the conference center on the 10th floor. The meeting summarized the group's work on safety production in 2022 and made arrangements for the group's work on safety production in 2023.  The meeting was chaired by Xu Chengye, deputy general manager of the group.

Mao Wenzhang, the general manager of the Group, pointed out at the meeting that safety is the lifeline of enterprise development, and safety work has always been the top priority of the Group's work. All members of the Group must enhance their awareness, improve their standing, strengthen management, and pay attention to the details, and put safety work in the position of "above all, above all, above all, and affecting all", so as to provide strong guarantee and strong support for the vigorous development of the Group. President Mao stressed that "three taboos and three musts" should be implemented in safety work: first, we should not stop at all, and we must deeply understand the importance of safety work. We should reject human factors, eliminate potential safety hazards, strengthen system construction, and do a good job in safety management with strict systems, strict measures and rigorous style. The second is to avoid abandoning the original and chasing the last. We must have a deep understanding of the systematic nature of safety work. We should pay attention to plant safety, product quality safety and personal safety of employees, and put safety work throughout the whole process of daily work. Third, we should not be too slow at the beginning of the day, and we must fully understand the long-term nature of safety work. It is necessary to pool the joint efforts of all staff, implement the main responsibility, strengthen the action effect, based on the current situation, recognize the situation, with a high sense of vigilance and responsibility of "walking on thin ice everywhere, always rest assured", do a good job of safety work wholeheartedly and at full speed, escort the group's high-quality leapfrog development, and salute the group's 50th anniversary.


Xu Chengye, deputy general manager of the Group, summarized and analyzed the group's security work in 2022 at the meeting, and made specific arrangements and deployment for the group's security work in 2023.

At the meeting, instrument manufacturing department, optical cable manufacturing department and electrical manufacturing department and other departments in charge of the field signed the 2023 safety production target management responsibility letter.

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