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Shock resistant bimetal thermometer

WSSN series shockproof bimetal thermometer is a kind of field measuring instrument for measuring med…

WSSN series shockproof bimetal thermometer is a kind of field measuring instrument for measuring medium and low temperature. It can directly measure the temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium and harsh and vibration in the range of -80℃ ~ +500℃ in various production processes. The shock resistant bimetal thermometer from the design principle and structure has waterproof, corrosion resistance, vibration resistance, intuitive, easy reading, no mercury damage, durable and other characteristics, shock resistant bimetal thermometer is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, machinery, shipping, power generation, textile, printing and dyeing and other industrial and scientific research departments. Main features on-site display temperature, intuitive and convenient; Safe and reliable, long service life; Various structure forms can meet different requirements. Mercury free, easy to read, strong and shockproof. The protective pipe is 1Gr18Ni9Ti stainless steel and molybdenum titanium, bearing pressure, corrosion resistance. Core-pulling thermometer can be maintained or replaced for a short time without shutdown. Integrated axial type, radial type, universal type and other varieties are complete, to meet the needs of various field installation. Working principle Shockproof bimetal thermometers are based on bimetal sheets made of circular bending. When one end is heated and expanded, it drives the pointer to rotate, and the working instrument shows the temperature value it should be, and prevents environmental vibration. Silicon oil is filled inside the bimetal thermometer or the display part of the bimetal thermometer is separated from the measuring part to achieve the effect of shock resistance. Standard JB/T8803-1998GB3836-83 Other parameters Dial nominal diameter: 60100150 Accuracy grade: (1.0),1.5,2.5(φ 60) Thermal response time: ≤40S Protection grade: IP55 Angle adjustment error: The Angle adjustment error shall not exceed 1.0% of the range: the return error shall not exceed the J.D value repeatability of the basic error limit: the repeatability limit range shall not exceed 1/2 of the temperature measurement range of the J.D value of the basic error limit

Measuring range ℃

Scope of application

Industry, commerce

Industry, commerce

- 80 ~ + 40

Square root

Square root

- 40 ~ + 80

Square root

Square root

0 ~ 50

Square root

Square root

0 ~ 100

Square root

Square root

0 ~ 150

Square root

Square root

0 ~ 200

Square root

Square root

0 ~ 300

Square root

Square root

0 ~ 400

Square root

Square root

0 ~ 500

Square root

Square root

Normal working weather conditions

The workplace

Temperature ℃

Relative humidity %


- 25 ~ + 55

5 ~ 100

Outdoor place

- 40 ~ + 85

5 ~ 100

The product selection



The dial diameter

The dial features

The connection method

Form of protection



Shock resistant bimetal thermometer

K.b is without other conditions


Electric contact


Pt100 remote transmission

- 3

φ 60 (not applicable to live contacts)

4 -

Φ 100

- 5

φ 150 (live contact not applicable)




The radial

6 or 8



No fixing device


Movable external thread


Movable internal thread


Fixed screw thread


Fixed flange


Card sets of thread


Card flange


Core pulling type




Anticorrosive tube material 316L


Anticorrosive type pipe lining ptfe

Wssnp-401f4 0~200℃ L=150mm M20*1.5 Name: far-transmission shock resistant bimetal thermometer dial diameter φ 100 Axial range: 0~200℃ M20*1.5 Movable external thread connection anticorrosive rod material 304 lined ptfe Pt100 far-transmission signal output

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